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The story behind Novacell

Dr Pier Mario Biava

Novacell UK Limited is the UK distributor for Novacell Biotech Company Srl.

Novacell was founded with the purpose of developing integrative treatments within the fields of oncology, anti-ageing and the promotion of general well being. The research undertaken by Dr Pier Mario Biava and his team is at the forefront of cellular reprogramming, oncology and anti-ageing research.

After more than 25 years of research in the medical field, Dr Pier Mario Biava has formulated innovative supplements using the ZEBRAFISHCAVIAR™ that supports healthy development and regeneration of cells.

Inspired by the complexity of nature, Novacell aims to unlock “a new way of healing” through the combination of unique natural ingredients and innovative science and technology.

How it works

The Science of Royal Cells

Roe extract, which constitutes one of the fundamental components of Royal Cells Vitality, is an extract of Zebrafish eggs that interacts with the development of cells, allowing them to be reprogrammed promoting anti-ageing, enhancing skincare products and supporting health when cancer is present.

Different elements of roe extract have been isolated and used separately to interact with the multiplication of cells in order to either slow the curve of rapidly multiplying cells as in oncology, increasing the multiplication to maintain brain function or to support the metabolism of epithelial cells, contributing to the natural process of skin regeneration and renewal.

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How it Works

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